The name thrashbot stems from the computer science term “thrashing” and the word “robot.”


Thrashing occurs when a computer’s hard drive is being used excessively for virtual memory because its physical memory is full. Thrashing considerably slows down the performance of a system because data has to to be transferred back and forth from the hard drive to the physical memory.


A robot is an electro-mechanical or virtual agent that is typically guided by a computer program.


In order to achieve his unique sound, Thrashbot uses a diverse array of computer programs and consistently pushes himself and the machines he uses to the limit. As a reference, he has lost many computers due to thrashing the hard drive.


Thrashbot resides in Denver, Colorado and has been producing music for six years. He has opened for such names as: The Martinez Brothers, Kolombo, Penguin Prison, Le Youth, and Dr. Fresch.